Diablo Cody Explains How Blogging Can Help You Find Hollywood Success

Posted on December 1, 2007

Wired has an article (no longer available) about screenwriter Diablo Cody who they describe as an "up-and-coming scribe who's making waves in Hollywood." Cody was a stripper in Minneapolis before chronicling the details in her blog and in a book called Candy Girl. She's now a screenwriter involved in several projects. You can see a list of her current and past project on her IMDB page.

Cody first became noticed because of her blog so it is no surprise that one of Cody's tips for finding Hollywood success it to start blogging. Step 2 of her advice is "Start blogging and wait to get discovered."

Wired says, "Because there are only a few blogs online these days (Technorati currently tracks a mere 112 million), it was a safe bet that a successful Los Angeles literary manager (Mason Novick) would find Cody's work and inquire from 3,000 miles away about her literary ambitions."

Once you get noticed you then write your memoirs. After that you write and sell your first screenplay. It's all pretty simple. Cody tells Wired, "I think there's room for more talented bloggers to break into Hollywood. It seemed like a fluke when I did it, but I won't be the last blogger to have a film produced."

Cody's path was unusual but she is correct that she won't be the last blogger to make the jump to Hollywood. The next blogger to sell a screenplay could be you.