Digg May Let Users Roll Their Own Diggs

Posted on July 26, 2008

Digg ReadWriteWeb reports that Digg may soon let its users manage their own sub-Digg websites.
According to various reports from the last Digg Townhall/meetup this week, Digg's CEO Jay Adelson announced that Digg will soon let its users create and manage their own 'sub-Diggs.' Digg's main competitors like reddit and Mixx have already given their users this ability, and Digg has been rumored to start adding this feature for a while.

According to Adelson, these sub-diggs will allow Digg to expand into new verticals and give niche publishers a chance to have their content featured on digg, even though they would never meet the threshold for promotion to the Digg homepage.

Maybe one of the most interesting features of these sub-diggs will be that those users who manage them will be able to control how and when newly submitted stories will be promoted to the front page.
Digg needs these new sub-Diggs. Reddit already has some and Digg faces new competition with the rise of microblogging. They need something new to keep their massive traffic and attract new users. With Google apparently passing on a chance to buy Digg this mini-Digg strategy could be crucial to help Digg sustain future growth.

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