Ebrary Offers Its Content to Channel Partners

Posted on May 16, 2001

ebrary, an online research website, announced the commercial availability of the ebrarian solution for channel partners. The company also announced it is expanding its business beyond the ebrary.com online library to make its content available through channel partners, search engines and other websites through its open access model.

``Our business model always went beyond just providing a destination site. We haven't talked about our channel strategy before because we wanted to time this announcement with the availability of the ebrarian solution,'' said Christopher Warnock, CEO of ebrary. ``By making our online collection of valuable books, journals, periodicals and more available via channel partners, search engines, and links -- in addition to ebrary.com -- we will quickly and efficiently achieve our goal of providing the most comprehensive, secure solution for delivering authoritative information on the Internet. Our strategy benefits ebrary, our publishing and channel partners and anyone who needs to conduct research on the Internet.''

ebrary partnered with Random House, Pearson plc, McGraw-Hill, Taylor & Francis, Cambridge University Press and others to create an online collection of copyrighted books, journals and periodicals. Channel partners can target specific markets by making their own content securely available online, accessing relevant content from ebrary's collection or combining content from both. Partners can also determine what payment models are appropriate to their businesses. ebrary is privately held and is funded by Random House Ventures LLC, Pearson plc and McGraw-Hill.