Engadget Nabs Top Technorati Spot

Posted on August 20, 2006


Engadget has taken the #1 slot on the Technorati 100. The #1 spot was held by Boing Boing for a long time before being taken by blogger Xu Jing Lei in May, 2006. An earlier post by us about how quickly the Technorati A-list changes can be found here.

It looks like the top ten slots in the Technorati 100 are not quite as locked up as we thought when that post which was written in February, 2006. The Huffington Post and TechCrunch have really climbed up the list quickly. Most of the blogs in the Top #20 are still blogs written using multiple bloggers. Engadget was looking for even more bloggers are recently as last month. It now takes nearly 3,000 inbound links to be on the list.

Juan Cole's excellent blog ranked at #100 has 2,948 inbound links. It took just 2,200 inbound links in February. You can still see tnl.net's interesting post that shows what the Technorati 100 looked like on 5/19/05 and 2/20/06.
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