Enoble Media Launches Portable Gaming Magazine

Posted on November 25, 2005

Portable Gaming Enoble Media has announced the launch of the 132-page digital-only Portable Gaming & Entertainment Magazine. The magazine reporting on the latest products and features in the portable gaming industry. Portable Gaming & Entertainment is ad-supported and there is no subscription fee.

Subscriptions, including the premiere issue, are available for download beginning today by visiting portablegamingmag.com. The publication delivers gaming hardware and software news, previews and reviews. The first issue includes features on the latest releases with articles and video clips on games like Burnout Legends, Donkey Kong, Bust-a-Move, SOCOM, Castlevania and Mario with screen shots, platform specs, player allowances and release dates.

"For decades, Enoble Media Group has published the most progressive magazines in print. We're excited to launch this revolutionary new digital- only, fully ad-supported publication, broadening access to all readers," states Andrew Eisenberg, General Manager of Enoble Media. "We anticipate strong reader interest in the magazine's new multimedia features, made possible only within its digital format. Live links, enhanced graphics and design, plus Flash animation, video and audio clips provide the best features in both print and online media."