Excite, Inc. Extends International Presence to Australia, Asia-Pacific

Posted on September 8, 1998

Excite, Inc. announced Excite Asia Pacific with the formation of a joint venture between Excite and LibertyOne, a J.B. Fairfax Company and leading Australian publisher. The joint venture will build an Excite-branded, advertising and commerce supported Web portal with local English language content initially for the Australian market. The newly-established company will then branch out to build localized portals for the New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore markets. Ownership of the Joint Venture will be shared equally between Excite, Inc. and LibertyOne.

"Following on our Japanese joint-venture announced last year, this deal expands our presence and ability to move aggressively in one of the largest online growth areas in the world the Asia-Pacific region," said George Bell, CEO, Excite, Inc. "The combination of our strong Internet brand and services with LibertyOne's leading local marketing and sales and infrastructure lets us execute immediately."

Each local service will extend all of Excite's services, including search, personalization, channels, chat, email, Excite Communities and commerce. The first service to launch will be the Australian service in the fourth quarter with localized services for each Asian-Pacific country to follow.

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