FamilyPC Renamed Family Internet Life

Posted on June 13, 2001

Ziff Davis Media Inc. announced that FamilyPC will expand its content and change its name to Family Internet Life. Along with added content and a new name, Ziff Davis is making major investments in the magazine by enlarging its roster of contributors, updating its design, and increasing its marketplace visibility. The first issue of Family Internet Life, dated October 2001, will be available on newsstands September 18.

``Over the past six years, we have traveled with our readers into the digital age,'' said Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief Robin Raskin. ``Family Internet Life continues this journey by shifting coverage of the personal computer to the exploration of how technology can improve family life. With the Internet profoundly changing the fiber of American families, Family Internet Life is set to be the trusted guide for our readers' connected lifestyle. We have evolved over the years to meet the needs of connected families, and our new name is a natural progression that more precisely defines who we've become and what we will cover.''

Family Internet Life's ``Keeping Pace'' section features snapshots from digital life, exploring news and trends. The section also ``dusts off'' traditional parenting topics -- including health, food, travel, shopping, beauty, and education -- so they meet the needs of today's connected families. The magazine's monthly columns include ``Parental Guidance,'' ``Your Finances,'' and ``Savvy Consumer.'' In addition, the ``Home Page'' column presents essays from celebrity opinion-makers such as George Lucas and Bill Gates. Readers can expect such features such as, ``How to Keep Kids Safe on the Net,'' `` Understanding Wired Teenagers,'' and ``Protecting Your Privacy.'' Family Internet Life will also premiere an updated product reviews section.

New departments that will premiere with the first Family Internet Life issue include:

Though Family Internet Life and its sister publication Yahoo! Internet Life share the ``Internet Life'' name, the two magazines will continue to be editorially independent of each other. The October 2001 issue of Family Internet Life, featuring the cover stories ``New Internet Family'' and ``100 Web Sites for Families,'' will be available on newsstands September 18. The issue will also report the results of a survey that investigates how the Internet has changed their lives. Family Internet Life, recently measured as FamilyPC in the 2001 MRI Spring Study, has a monthly audience of 2.6 million readers, a rise of 45% from the 2000 MRI Spring Study.