Fired for Blogging? Try a Career Change

Posted on March 8, 2005

With all the articles and incidents people should now understand that they can get fired because of their blog. The Associated Press has an article about the ongoing fired bloggers story which includes the usual "blog and get fired" poster childs: Google employee Mark Jen and blogging flight attendant Ellen Simonetti. Of course if you get fired for blogging maybe you should just switch careers and try blogging itself. Lockhart Steele, the managing editor of Gawker Media, told in a recent interview that Gawker Media pays bloggers $2,500 a month. Gawker Media runs a number of blogs including, Wonkette and Gridskipper. Steele said:
We pay a set rate of $2,500 a month. But one thing that's interesting about Gawker is that we've begun to incentivize our writers based on the traffic to their sites. Our bloggers can earn more money that way. They can more than double their salary based on the number of pages [viewed].
Gawker expects their bloggers to produce -- Steele said he expects 12 posts a day. Another weblog publisher, Weblogs Inc., offers a 50/50 revenue split with the blogger -- according to this entry. Like the magazine and newspaper industry these coveted content jobs may be difficult to get -- but if you love blogging it is certainly worth the effort to try.
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