Flexible Viewing Devices Will Change Media Experience

Posted on August 23, 2006

Vnunet.com reports that kids will be watching TV on cereal boxes by 2020 thanks to flexible viewing devices. The article discusses a new report called 2020 Future Vision that was written by futurists and technology experts.
The report predicts that the traditional TV set will be replaced by a number of "flexible viewing devices".

The development of ultra-thin displays will result in the introduction of video "wallpaper" and tiles that can turn an entire wall into a screen.

Other innovations expected in the next 20 years are video displays on breakfast cereal packets, and screens that can show two different programmes at the same time depending on the angle from which they are viewed.

Internet access will be available through connected displays embedded in magazine pages.
This will change the world considerably since you will no longer need to be in front of your television or your computer to access the Internet or watch television. Flexible displays mean web and TV access can occur from just about anywhere. It also means a flat newspaper device that updates itself every morning is likely to become reality.
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