G4TV Acquires Three Anime Series

Posted on September 23, 2005

G4TV has acquired three anime series, RahXephon, Cromartie High School and Colorful, from ADV Films. The announcement was made by Laura Civiello, Vice President, Acquisitions & Development, G4 and John Ledford, President and CEO, ADV Films. The first series to debut on G4 this fall is RahXephon, which follows the adventures of Kamina Ayato in the near future of 2012. After awakening RahXephon, a giant mecha with awe-inspiring abilities, Ayato battles mysterious alien invaders and struggles to discover what is real, what is not, and what his place is in the events unfurling before him. Both Cromartie High and Colorful are slated to premiere on G4 in December 2005. Cromartie High tracks the not-so-everyday existence of Kamiyama and his delinquent classmates. Colorful, a strange and deranged series with a warped sense of humor, takes a tongue in cheek look at underwear fascination. All three anime series will be part of G4's all-new late-night block, Barbed Wire Biscuit, which is a one-hour branded programming strip airing Monday through Friday at 12:00 AM ET/PT.
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