Gemstar Acquires Jump the Shark

Posted on June 22, 2006

Gemstar-TV Guide has acquired the website from Jump the Shark Inc. The website is used by tv fans who discuss whether a show has jumped the shark or not. The Washington Post explains how the expression began with a Happy Days episode.
For the uninitiated, the expression "jump the shark" comes from the episode of the '70s sitcom "Happy Days" in which Fonzie, on water skis, actually jumped over a shark. Fans believe the episode signaled creative bankruptcy on the part of the writers as well as the beginning of the end for the show.

On the Web site, TV fans debate whether various shows have "jumped the shark" and, if so, when.

For instance, the majority of participants believe the long-running prime-time soap "Dallas" jumped the shark when Bobby Ewing showed up in Pam's shower, meaning that his death -- and the entire 1985-86 season -- had been Pam's dream. You can see their point.

The majority of site fans also believe the 1980s ABC comedy "Moonlighting" jumped the shark when Maddie and David -- Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis -- had sex for the first time. Again, hard to argue. should be able to make great use of the popular website. Jon Hein, founder of Jump the Shark Inc., will be making appearances on TV Guide products. Some of the current shark sightings in television include The View, CSI: Miami, Celebrity Poker Showdown, Monster Garage and Everwood.