General Insists on Blog Comments

Posted on March 28, 2005

If the General tells you to respond to his blog, you'd better do it. Defense Industry Daily (DID), a website covering the defense industry, reports on General James E. Cartwright's (USMC Commander, USSTRATCOM) comments during a recent meeting with his NCOs, in which he told those in the meeting that when he asks a question in his access-restricted Command and Control Blog, that he expects answers--pronto. Someone in the meeting re-posted the General's comments on Sgt. Stryker's Daily Brief:
"The metric is what the person has to contribute, not the person's rank, age, or level of experience. If they have the answer, I want the answer. When I post a question on my blog, I expect the person with the answer to post back. I do not expect the person with the answer to run it through you, your OIC, the branch chief, the exec, the Division Chief and then get the garbled answer back before he or she posts it for me. The Napoleonic Code and Netcentric Collaboration cannot exist in the same space and time. It's YOUR job to make sure I get my answers and then if they get it wrong or they could have got it righter, then you guide them toward a better way... but do not get in their way." (empahsis added)
No word yet as to what penalties await any hapless NCO that fails to respond to one of the General's questions.