Glassbook Teams With Adobe and Barnes and Noble

Posted on September 1, 1999

Glassbook, Inc. has announced that it is teaming with Adobe, Inc., San Jose, California, and to advance the development and distribution capability its electronic book software products. Glassbook produces a suite of open standards-based e-commerce products that integrate book distribution and delivery.

According to Len Kawell, Glassbook president and Lotus Notes co-inventor, "These partnerships give Glassbook the best of both worlds with two major players in the industry. The Glassbook Reader uses Adobe PDF as the preferred content format. We believe the PDF format is the best format for representing graphically rich electronic documents and publications and for enabling documents to be viewed on a wide variety of platforms."

Glassbook's software design uses the electronic book exchange standard (EBX), an open industry copyright and distribution standard that Glassbook is championing. By combining secure PDF technology and its support for EBX, electronic content is available to consumers with copyright and distribution protection.

"Many of the issues facing the industry center around security, format and accessibility," said Chuck Myers, director of business development, Adobe Systems Incorporated. "Teaming with Glassbook is ideal for publishers, distributors, retailers and consumers, as we are promoting the use of open standards such as PDF and EBX in the delivery, selling and buying of electronic content. By providing tools for leveraging both technologies we are facilitating a wide range of business and copyright management models."

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