Guardian Blog Not 100% Jolly Hockey Sticks about Bloggies

Posted on March 18, 2005

Not everyone is 100% super excited about this year's Bloggie Award winners. Bobbie Johnson, blogger for The Guardian's Onlineblog writes, "Nick Denton's done well with Gawker Media, but are three Gawker blogs really the best in their respective categories? I find plenty of political blogs which engage me more than Wonkette, while both Gawker and Defamer strike me as waning rather than waxing."

Onlineblog's Bobbie Johnson also said, "Similarly, kudos to Heather Armstrong, but does Dooce really merit four individual awards?"

And Ken Lebow, the author of bestselling Internet guide book, said that if you check out this year's winners "it's the same ole, same ole blogs."

So maybe the Bloggies do need some new blog blood or maybe the bloggers covering the blog industry are just ahead of the blogging trends and things will be different at next year's Bloggies. At a minimum they could probably use a few more subject categories since blogs cover a wide variety of topics -- more than just entertainment, food, politics and technology.
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