Harcourt Forms an Elearning Group

Posted on June 28, 2002

Harcourt, Inc., a K-12 education company and a part of Reed Elsevier Group plc, announced that it has recruited an elearning team who will support development of new elearning products and services across its businesses. Headed by Ann Foster, formerly elearning Director of Reed Elsevier's UK-based educational publishing division, the elearning Group comprises executives and technology professionals who will spearhead development in a number of areas.

The elearning Group will help refine and articulate Harcourt's elearning strategy, while facilitating development of elearning products and services. Harcourt made elearning a high priority in its developmental strategy in 2001 and took steps to invest in sector leading expertise in elearning through its acquisition of Classroom Connect, its alliance with Riverdeep and its foundation of the Elearning Group. The team will provide technical expertise, research, and intelligence to Harcourt and its individual business units, including product development support and identification of potential partnerships and alliances. Harcourt's digital asset management team now also reports to the Elearning Group.

Three senior executives will report to Foster: "The purpose of creating this cross-divisional group is to ensure maximum coordination of our investment in elearning products and services and to leverage Harcourt's overall scale and position in the education market," said Foster. "Our job is to catalyze and support the creative and business talent at the Harcourt business units."

Among the Elearning Group's responsibilities is coordination of Harcourt's participation in the previously announced (October, 2001) alliance with Riverdeep Group plc to develop interactive online instructional content. The two companies are collaborating on the development of e-basal products to address the emerging market for electronically delivered interactive instructional content, combining Riverdeep's online curriculum and technology with Harcourt's K-12 basal publishing and distribution.