Jack Box Debuts on MySpace

Posted on May 9, 2006

Jack BoxJack Box, the Jack in the Box fast food character, now has a MySpace profil and blog. Jack has quickly acquired 1,285 friends. At that pace he has already passed Chris Pirillo (284 friends) and will quickly catch K-Fed (51,000+ friends). He will probably never catch Dane Cook, who has over 1 million MySpace friends. Here is what Jack's MySpace profile says about him.
My goal is to rule the fast food world with an iron fist. And raise a happy family. I was born on a cattle ranch in Colorado. I didn't have much except a love for burgers and pretty women. What else does your average red-blooded American need? Then I headed to sunny California. Why? Cuz I had this idea to let people order burgers from their cars...and, well, people in California love their cars. (Not to mention I have a thing for blondes.) So I opened up Jack in the Box. Met my wife Cricket. Got my sweet yellow hat and an even sweeter jet.
Jack's first post is pretty short.
Two weeks ago after a long long day at work, I came home and ate 4 tacos, 2 jumbo jacks, onion rings and a diet soda. My all time record.
Jack's profile also says he would like to meet "Ronald and The King...in a no-holds barred cage match." Funny comments like those will probably make Jack's profile and blog pretty popular. His page is already filling up with comments.
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