Joe the Plumber to Become Joe the Blogger?

Posted on November 15, 2008

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher became known as Joe the Plumber during the 2008 election. John McCain mentioned him during one of the debates after a conversation between Joe and Barack Obama raised the issue of whether Obama's tax policies would be harmful to small business.

Some are curious as to what Joe Wurzelbacher will due with his newly acquired fame. There is a movement to get Joe the Plumber to run for Congress. He may also decide to become "Joe the Blogger." A reference to this title can beseen on a Secure Our Dream site that belongs to Wurzelbacher.

The website also says that "Another benefit to registered members with be a monthly subscription to Joe's blog, where he can share the latest on the fight for preserving Americas freedoms."

Update: Wurzelbacher lost his own campaign to become an Ohio congressman in 2012. He runs an active blog called Joe for America. Wurzelbacher says in the blog description, "In 2008, my life changed when Barack Obama came into my front yard on a campaign stop. I asked him why he wanted to raise taxes, and he said that he wanted to 'spread the wealth.' Since then, I have gained a national following as 'Joe the Plumber' and now travel the country speaking and encouraging other everyday folks to get involved in the political process."
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