Johnson's Baby Building Mommy Blogger Directory

Posted on July 30, 2006

Johnsons Mommy Blogger DirectoryClickZ reports that Johnson's Baby is building a blog directory for mommy bloggers. The directory will be part of a larger social networking website.
The new blog directory will be designed with an eye toward helping mothers find mom bloggers through keyword searches and tags. They'll be indexed by similar interests, number of kids and region of the country. The site will also offer non-blogging mothers advice on how to start. Organizers hope to get existing bloggers to participate by bringing them traffic and offering tips on how to increase their audiences. J&J recruited a panel of "top mom bloggers" to advise the company on this initiative. "We didn't go into this as experts, for sure," Lindsay Kalaw, product director at Johnson's Baby, told ClickZ. "We've learned a lot about the blogging community. We wanted to identify moms seen as influential in this space and we asked them, 'What would you be looking for from a blog directory?'"
ClickZ says the Johnson's Baby site has set up a special site at to collect URLs from Mommy bloggers that want to be included in the directory. BlogHer is part of the URL because the Johnson's launch coincided with this weekend's BlogHer conference. Johnson's was one of the conference sponsors.