Jon Stewart's Stellar Oscar Performance

Posted on March 6, 2006

Jon Stewart Oscars host Jon Stewart did an excellent job hosting the Oscars last night. It's a thankless task, really (other than the nice paycheck, of course). Hollywood stars don't really like to be made fun of (think Chris Rock's disastrous performance as host, for example), the show is entirely too long with all the absurd montages about film noir and movies that "really should be seen on the big screen." But Stewart managed to pull it off. Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper gave Stewart two thumbs up, noting that he reminded them of the best Oscar host ever: Johnny Carson. I quite agree. Here were some of the best bits of the night: Other than the time-wasting montages, the most irritating thing this year was the Bill Conti orchestra playing music while the winners were giving their acceptance speeches. Crazy acceptance speeches are what make the Oscars entertaining! Let them cry, give bizarre shout-outs and rave about political issues. And please invite Jon Stewart back next year.