JPG Magazine: Peer Reviwed Photography

Posted on December 8, 2006

JPG magazine

JPG Magazine is a photography magazine that is using the Internet to help find new photographs for each issue. The cover above the above issue says "Shoot Your Self." Users can submit photographs which are then voted on by their peers. JPG editors will make the final selections and if your photograph is included you are rewarded with free year subscription and $100. You can see how the process works here. TechCrunch reports that the unique strategy appears to be working.
They are doing so many things right. The fact that the community decides what photos end up in each issue has resulted in a ton of activity on the website. Photographers are uploading their best work to showcase their stuff - if a photo gets picked for the magazine it's just icing on the cake for them. Finally, every issue of the magazine is available, free, as a PDF download. Get the most recent issue here, for example.
You can see some of the photographs on the website, A subscription costs $24.99 a year. You can also download or preview an issue online.

Photo: JPG Magazine

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