Kaplan Forms Kaplan Publishing

Posted on December 1, 2005

Kaplan has announced the formation of Kaplan Publishing, a new unit that will focus on both education and business trade publications. The new unit will combine Kaplan's existing business trade publishing operation with its test prep trade publishing operation, which was previously part of a joint imprint with Simon & Schuster. Simon & Schuster will continue to provide back office functions and order fulfillment for Kaplan Publishing's test prep publishing side. Roy Lipner will head the new Kaplan Publishing unit. Lipner has served as president of Kaplan's existing business publishing operation, Dearborn Publishing, since 2003 and will continue to lead this operation. Kaplan Publishing's two divisions will be run by Maureen McMahon and Cynthia Zigmund. The current business trade publishing unit produces approximately 70 books a year on general business, sales and marketing, real estate and finance. Kaplan's current education trade publishing business, under the joint imprint with Simon & Schuster, produces approximately 100 books a year on test preparation, admissions, and academic and professional development and success. Kaplan Publishing's combined front and backlist will include approximately 550 titles. The business will have offices in Chicago and New York.

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