Kluwer Academic Publishers Offers Online Custom Books

Posted on September 20, 2002

Kluwer Academic Publishers (KAP) has edlaunch Kluwer Online Custom Books, a new platform offering online users the ability to create individual customized books from KAP's electronic books collection. A six-step process lets scientists and researchers choose chapters they want, title their creation, and decide if they want the custom book delivered electronically or printed and mailed as a perfect-bound paperback.

Using the Custom Book Builder, researchers can browse available subject areas, pick individual chapters from different books, preview and combine them in a desired order and specify a delivery format. Books delivered electronically are available in Adobe Acrobat ebook format. The custom books can also be used for course-pack creation for educators.

"By introducing Custom Books, KAP's goal is to give the scientific community greater flexibility and an expanded range of options for purchasing scientific information," states Scott Delman, Vice President of Electronic Publishing at Kluwer Academic Publishers. "The Custom Books application combines the increased search-ability of online access and the ability to customize specialized information into print or electronic packages for use in academic or professional environments. There is a tremendous opportunity here for both the academic and professional communities to expand their use of the body of scholarly literature."

In addition to online custom books KAP also offers Kluwer Online Journals, with online access to more than 750 scholarly and scientific journals; Kluwer Online Reference Works, a service offering online subscribers access to reference works; and Kluwer Online eBooks, which provides digital editions of current reference books. Kluwer Academic Publishers, located in the Netherlands (Dordrecht) and the USA (Boston and New York), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wolters Kluwer nv. Kluwer Academic Publishers annually publishes more than 1500 book titles from all scientific subject areas.