Legacy Blogging: Preserving Life's Treasures

Posted on November 13, 2005

The Third Age blog has a great post about legacy blogging. It says, "Legacy Blogging preserves the treasures of our lives for ourselves, our families and the world at large. Maybe we are too close to our everyday lives to see those treasures all around us. But we know in our hearts and our guts that the most important things we pass on is our values, our life lessons and our stories, values not valuables."

The article (no longer available) includes a link to a post by Ronni Bennett about the value of passing on stories about your life. Ronni's blog and a few other senior blogs were mentioned in our post last week. Seniors are not the only bloggers blogging to record their thoughts and goings on.

A recent Edelman and Technorati study indicates 32% of people blog to create a record of their thoughts. A side note on the survey above -- less than 5% of those surveyed said they blogged for revenues which leaves 95% of people blogging for reasons other than making money directly from their blog.
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