Literary Science Magazine Called Nautilus Launches

Posted on May 7, 2013

Nautilus Magazine

A new literary science magazine has launched called Nautilus. The magazine will be available in print, electronic newsstands and online at The magazine covers a different topic each month. A new chapter on the topic is published each Thursday. The topic of the inaugural issue is "What Makes You So Special."

The staff of Nautilus includes a group of editors and producers from NBC, Nature, Discover, Psychology Today and Palgrave Macmillan. A New York Times story says publisher John Steele's vision for the magazine is "a New Yorker version of Scientific American."

Steele said in a statement, "With our multi-disciplinary and multi-media storytelling, Nautilus will provide distinctive literary and visual access to the most profound questions in science, and illuminate their importance to our lives. Everyone from the scientist to the scholar to the intellectually curious will be engaged by Nautilus' probing style."

The New York Times article also says the print version of Nautilus will be published quarterly for $49 a year. Steele is hoping for 5,000 subscribers.

The company says it received financial support from a John Templeton Foundation grant, but told the Times the foundation has no editorial input.

Photo: Nautilus

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