Many Celebrities are Using Twitter

Posted on March 1, 2009

Twitter has many uses. You can keep up with friends, you can keep up with the latest news updates and you can search Twitter to see what people are thinking about just about anything. One of the more recent Twitter trends that is emerging is celebrities using twitter. Some of the celebrity Twitterers are starting to take over the top slots on Twitterholic, a list of twitter users with the most followers that used to be dominated by technology broadcasters and bloggers.

The BBC explains why some celebrities love to Twitter in this article. Fake accounts make it difficult to ascertain whether or not a celebrity twitterer is real so a lot of people on Twitter are probably following celebrity imposters. Here's a few places where you can find celebrity twitter accounts. You can also keep up with what the celebrities are doing by following the Celebrity Gossip Twitter, @celebritygossip.
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