Marketing and Advertising News

Google to End AdSense for Feeds on December 3rd (October 1, 2012): Google has announced an end to its AdSense for Feeds service.

Google Reveals Google AdSense Revenue Shares (May 31, 2010): Google decided recently to reveal the percentage it pays publishers with its AdSense program.

Outrider Launches SearchFuel Blog About Search Marketing (September 15, 2008): A search marketing agency named Outrider has launched a new search engine marketing blog called SearchFuel.

Guy Gets Girl With Blogging in Twix Commercial (July 26, 2008): Blog has become a mainstream word and it's a hot enough topic that advertisers are now using it in commercials.

Google Adsense Updates Terms and Conditions (February 26, 2008): Google AdSense - an advertising vehicle used by many bloggers - is updating its terms and conditions for publishers using Google AdSense.

Google Launches AdSense Video Units (October 9, 2007): The New York Times reports on Google's clever plans to turn its very popular YouTube video sharing service into a video syndication service.

Tech Companies Turn Widgets Into Ads (May 17, 2007): It has been expected in the tech community that eventually retailers and marketers would have to pay to get bloggers and website owners to put more commerical and marketing-focused widgets on their sites.

Calvin Klein Targets Social Networking Teens with IN2U Fragrance (March 8, 2007): Calvin Klein is targeting the young blogging and text messaging crowd with a new fragrance called CK in2u and a new social network called What Are You IN2?.

AdSense Down for Maintenance (November 11, 2006): Google's Inside AdSense blog is blogging that AdSense will be down for four hours this afternoon.

Dove's Viral Evolution Video (October 31, 2006): Advertising Age reports that Dove has received tons of views and media coverage for its Dove Evolution video.

The Death of AdSense Meme (October 13, 2006): Why so many Death of AdSense or AdSense is Dead type posts? Here's one reason why.

The Long Tail, Hits and Buzz (July 26, 2006): A Wall Street Journal article by Lee Gomes slams the Long Tail saying it may be a long time before the Long Tail is "wagging the web.

MarketingSherpa Announces Blog Award Winners (June 27, 2006): MarketingSherpa has announced the winners of their annual blog awards for business and marketing blogs.

Podcast Advertising Forecast to Grow (March 1, 2006): eMarketer has an article about podcasting and advertising.

Bloggers Concerned About Google AdSense's Rich Media Plans (January 30, 2006): Google Adsense has been testing rich media in its advertisements.

Some Bloggers Proud to Be Ad Free (January 26, 2006): Some bloggers are proud of the lack of ads on their blogs.

Bloggers Despise Fake Coke Zero Blog (January 26, 2006): The Age has an article about the Coke Zero campaign which included a Zero Movement website.

Magazine PIB Ad Revenue Climbs Slightly in November (December 7, 2005): Total magazine rate-card-reported advertising revenue for the month of November increased 4.

Blogads Wants an Advertising Network of 10,000 Blogs (November 23, 2005): ClickZ reports that Blogads' Henry Copeland said he wants to expand the blogs in his advertising blog network from 900 blogs to 10,000 blogs by this time next year.

Clumsy and Dishonest Marketing Offends Bloggers (October 14, 2005): Liza Sabater at Culture Kitchen blogs about how she was approached by a group trying to promote a project through a viral marketing blog campaign.