McCain and Hillary Win Florida Primaries

Posted on January 29, 2008

John McCain won the Republican primary in Florida, thereby picking up all 57 of the delegates (for the Republicans it's a winner take all state). Romney came in second and Guiliani came in third. Guiliani then withdrew from the race and is expected to endorse Senator McCain tomorrow.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton won by a very large margin, with Barack Obama in second and John Edwards in third. Because of Howard Dean's boneheadedness, the delegates will not be awarded to punish Floridians for moving up their primary ahead of Super Tuesday. At a large victory rally, Hillary vowed to try to have Florida's and Michigan's delegates seated at the convention. 1.68 million Democrats voted in Florida. For the DNC to tell them their votes don't count would be a decision rooted in idiocy.

Tomorrow night the Republicans will debate at the Reagan Library in California. On Thursday, the Democrats will debate. Everyone is now campaigning frantically until Super Tuesday.

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