McGraw-Hill Education Acquires Open University Press

Posted on October 23, 2002

McGraw-Hill Education has acquired Open University Press, a leading U.K. social science publisher for academic markets worldwide. McGraw-Hill Education publishes textbooks for business, economics, computer science and engineering courses. With the purchase of Open University Press, McGraw-Hill Education has strengthened its offerings to include a successful list that publishes in areas such as education, health and social welfare, psychology and sociology.

McGraw-Hill Education will continue to use the Open University Press imprint and its offices in Buckingham. Distribution will be integrated into McGraw-Hill Education's Maidenhead facility.

Robert E. Evanson, President of McGraw-Hill Education, said, "Our acquisition of Open University Press underscores our commitment to growing McGraw-Hill Education in Europe and aligns with our mission to be a premier global provider of materials and services that improve teaching and learning."

McGraw-Hill Education is a provider of electronic and print products that enhance teaching and learning in the pre-K through 12th grade, higher education and professional markets. Founded in 1977, the Open University Press is one of the leading social science publishers in the U.K. Open University Press has over 800 titles in the fields of education, health, social policy and psychology.
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