Most Tweets Fall Into Pointless Babble Category

Posted on August 13, 2009

Twitter Pointless Babble study resultsThe SFGate's tech blog called The Tech Chronicles has summarized the findings from a new study (PDF) from Pear Analytics. The study analyzed 2,000 tweets that were gathered randomly sampled from the public timeline on weekdays over a two-week period. The study found that over 40% of tweets fall in the "pointless babble" category. Babble will likely be excruciatingly boring and irrelevant to someone searching Twitter for the latest news but it is far less trivial to a friend or family member that is following the babbler. You may not care that some random person liked the latest Harry Potter movie or is enjoying his burger but friends and family members that know him might be interested.

The Pear Analytics study (PDF) is worth a read because it also summarizes some other recent studies on Twitter.

Graphic source: Pear Analytics