Music News

Myspace Loses Years of Music and Photos During Botched Server Migration (March 18, 2019): Myspace lost years of music, photos and video files during a server migration that went very badly.

Diane Silberstein Named Publisher of Opera News (May 17, 2014): Diane Silberstein has been named publisher of Opera News. Opera News is published by the Metropolitan Opera Guild.

Tony Gervino Named Editor-in-Chief of Billboard (April 30, 2014): Tony Gervino is the new Editor-in-Chief of Billboard. He was previously executive editor of Hearts Magazines International.

Rolling Stone Under Fire for Boston Bomber Cover (July 17, 2013): Rolling Stone is under fire for its cover featuring Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The magazine usually features musicians on the cover.

Vevo to Honor Most-Watched Videos With Certified Award (June 7, 2012): Vevo, a music video destination, has announced plans to celebrates videos that reach the 100 million views milestone with a special certified award.

NewBay Media Acquires Three Magazines From Future US (January 22, 2012): NewBay Media LLC has acquired select titles from Future US, Inc, the San Francisco-based subsidiary of Future plc.

Independent Music Magazine Plan B Ceases Publication (May 23, 2009): Plan B magazine is shutting down. Web Portal Debuts (March 18, 2008): Jazz.

Next New Networks Acquires (November 8, 2007): The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Herb Scannell's web video startup Next New Networks has acquired Barely Political.

Conde Nast Launches Movies Rock Magazine (November 7, 2007): Conde Nast is debuting a new magazine called Movies Rock.

Radiohead Sells Album Directly to Fans (October 1, 2007): Radiohead has shocked the music industry with its decision to sell its new album directly from its website.

Global Live Earth Concerts Break Records (July 9, 2007): Live Earth, a global concert with the goal of spreading awareness about the global warming problem, shattered records over the weekend.

Blog Aims to Name Music Leakers (June 28, 2007): A new blog called Thou Shall Not Leak aims to leak the names of those in the music business who "leak music to people ahead of release dates illegally.

Indie Labels Using Blogs to Boost Music Sales (April 1, 2007): The Christian Science Monitor has an article about how Indie labels are using bloggers to get independent artists noticed.

Singers Mia Rose, Ashley Tisdale, Terra Naomi Build YouTube Audience (January 28, 2007): Singer Mia Rose has generated quite a bit of attention to her YouTube channel and videos.

Universal Music Sues MySpace (November 18, 2006): The New York Times reports that the Universal Music Group has sued MySpace.

Faith Hill Fury Story Kept Alive by Leann Rimes' Post (November 9, 2006): Many bloggers are discussing Faith Hill's outburst at the 2006 CMA Awards after losing the Female Vocalist of the Year award to Carrie Underwood.

CrackSpace or Hip Hop Crack (October 18, 2006): A new social network focusing on hip hop music is named either called CrackSpace or Hip Hop Crack.

YouTube Cuts Warner Music Deal as Video Wars Intensify (September 19, 2006): YouTube has managed to continue to grow even while facing mounting competition from Internet giants.

Universal Music Group Backs Ad-based Music Store (August 31, 2006): The The Financial Times reports that Universal Music Group has signed an agreement to do business with SpiralFrog, a new online music download destination that has an ad-based business model.