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Warner Music Group and the Long Tail (June 15, 2006): The New York Times reports Warner Music's Rhino Records has decided to publish an album that is only sold at online music stores.

Study: Nearly 75% Still Listen to Radio (May 1, 2006): A new study has found that 74% of American still listen to the radio daily.

Original Music Created Specifically for Ringtones (April 24, 2006): The CS Monitor reports that a company named Start Mobile is going to start selling 60-second original music compositions for use as ringtones.

MC Hammer on the Power of Blogging (February 24, 2006): MC Hammer has started a blog here.

Amazon Rumored to Be Plotting iTunes Challenge (February 21, 2006): Multiple nedia outlets are reporting on a story that originated in the Wall Street Journal that says Amazon is in talks with record labels about launching its digital music service including a digital music player.

Margie Hunt to Launch Hunt Music Services (November 4, 2005): Margie Hunt is departing Sony Music after 30 years with the company to launch Hunt Music Services, Inc.

eMusic Launches Magazine (October 13, 2005): eMusic has announced the launch of eMusic Magazine, a daily-updated online editorial hub.

eMusic Claims 100,000 Paying Subscribers (September 13, 2005): eMusic, a digital msuic download service, selling more than two million tracks monthly, announced that its paying subscriber base now exceeds 100,000.

23% Have Downloaded Ringtones to Mobile Phones (September 5, 2005): New research from global marketing research firm Ipsos-Insight shows that an increasing proportion of Americans are using their mobile phones to download ringtones and are beginning to sample other mobile entertainment content.

XM Satellite Radio and Starbucks Announce CD Deal (August 19, 2005): XM Satellite Radio, a satellite radio provider with more than 4.

PricewaterhouseCoopers: Entertainment and Media in Strong Position for Growth (August 5, 2005): The global entertainment and media (E&M) industry is in its strongest position since 2000, and will increase at a 7.

MTV's Tempo to Offer Caribbean Programming (July 5, 2005): Tempo, a new cable television network dedicated to Caribbean music and culture, will be launched by MTV Networks, a division of Viacom Inc.

BMG Direct to Acquire The Columbia House Company (June 24, 2005): BMG Direct, a division of DirectGroup Bertelsmann, announced that it has reached an agreement with The Blackstone Group to acquire The Columbia House Company.

Tube to Launch in Raycom's Markets (May 7, 2005): The official launch of The Tube Music Network into Raycom Media, Inc.

R.R. Bowker and All Media Guide Announce Alliance (April 27, 2005): R.

Report: Worldwide Online Music Market to Grow 134% in 2005 (April 25, 2005): While Peer-2-Peer and piracy issues have not entirely disappeared, consumers are showing heightened awareness and interest in legitimate online music services, reports In-Stat.

DVD Market Expected to Grow (April 5, 2005): New digital delivery services are not likely to supplant the DVD business, but rather bring digital entertainment to people by adding either convenience or accessibility that complements what the "Packaged Goods" can provide, reports In-Stat.

MTV Networks Announces Five New Hires (April 5, 2005): MTV Networks Music Group President Van Toffler has announced five new additions to the management of MTV Networks' Digital Music and Media Group.

Jiggerbug Simplifies Online Audiobook Rental Process (April 1, 2005): Jiggerbug, an online audio book rental company, has launched the company's "Easy 1, 2, 3 Rental Process.

MediaPass Launches Music Video Download Service (March 30, 2005): MediaPass Network LLC is launching a new music video download service for Windows Mobile-based devices, which makes it possible to watch music videos on portable handheld devices.