My Bad Boss Contest Seeks Entries

Posted on July 10, 2006

A new contest called My Bad Boss Contest is looking for stories about bad bosses. The contest has already selected two semifinalists including a dentist that stole from his employees.
A bad boss can drive you nuts! Long hours, low pay. Hard work, no health insurance. The boss gets a golden parachute, you get no pension, no respect. You need a break.
If you don't want to enter another option is to read through the thousands of entries on the site for fun. Those entering should be careful to avoid being found out -- especially if you are discussing your current boss. Fortunately, one of the rules helps avoid this issue.
Do not include the name of the company or any personal names or other personal identifiers with the story. For legal reasons, stories including this information will not be posted.
The contest will pick a new semifinalist each week until a final voting period begins on Wednesday, July 26. The prizes include a week-long condo vacation.

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