MyBlogLog Adds Tags to Organize Blogs

Posted on May 29, 2007

MyBlogLogMyBlogLog has added a useful new feature -- tagging. Tags were added last week before the memorial day weekend hit. Tagging will make it easier to identify and organize blogs that belong in specific categories instead of just arranging blogs alphabetically or by community size.

Here are a couple unique ways the tags could be used that were mentioned on the MyBlogLog blog.
1. Spam - If you think someone is spamming you, tag it out loud! Internally, we like to call a user who games the system a SchMOe (Social Media Optimizer). Tag anyone who spams you with the term schmoe. While they have the ability to delete the tag and never see it again, WE can see it internally. As their user account racks up the schmoe tag, we'll investigate their conversations and take appropriate action.

2. Hot Members - Let's allow the users of MyBlogLog to pick Hot Members! Every week I'll dig through the users who are frequently tagged a Hot Member and let you all know about one of them. User chosen Hot Members sounds so much cooler to me anyway.
It looks like a few people have already been tagged as schmoes. A lot of people have been tagged as hot members already. As you might expected the example topics listed under that tag input box already have a large number of tagged members: Xbox 360, Mom, Social Media.