NaNoWriMo Inspired NaBloPoMo

Posted on November 20, 2007

National Blog Posting MonthYou have probably heard of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) but you may not be aware that it inspired the creation of a blogging couterpart called NaBloPoMo. Bloggers participating in NaBloPoMo have to blog daily during the month of November including weekends.
"What the heck is going on here?" you ask. Well, it's pretty simple. You get yourself a blog, if you don't have one already -- and don't mind me if I'm stupefied at the idea that there's someone left in the English speaking world without their own blog. Then you look at the calendar, and when the whole world goes, "Oh, I can't believe they're already playing Christmas music in the warden's office!" you'll know it's November and that is the month in which you post something to your blog every day, in accordance with the National Blog Posting Month challenge!

Last year everybody just went for it, posting thirty days in a row and maybe hoping to win a prize in the random drawing. This year, for those of you who suspect you might run out of gas, maybe you'd like to try blogging on a theme. Follow a news story for the month; get deeper into an issue that you want to educate yourself about; keep us abreast of how your yoga practice / daily muffin-eating regime / matchstick Eiffel Tower is progressing.

Or simply use NaBloPoMo as a writing exercise, as an easier-to-accomplish alternative to the marathon that inspired it: National Novel Writing Month.
There are many bloggers out there trying to increase their posts this month. NaBloPoMo also has a randomizer that will send you to one of the participating blogs. If you are looking for blogging motivation NaBlogPoMo looks like a good way to keep you going - at least for a month. There are also lots of prizes. If you aren't participating this year there is always NaBlogPoMo 2008 when the monthly blogging event will likely be even bigger.

Now that we have a month for blogging and for writing novels someone will have to set one up for Twittering - National Twittering Month or NaTwiMo anyone?