NASA's Mars Phoenix Twitter Keeps Space Buffs Informed

Posted on May 26, 2008

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has made one of the best uses of Twitter to date with its MarsPhoenix Twitter. The MarsPhoenix Twitter kept tweeting - from the lander's point of view - during the final approach to Mars. There were some exciting moments as everyone hoped the landing would be a success.

Mars Phoenix Landing Tweets

After making an impressive landing MarsPhoenix informed us that it was in the perfect place for digging.

Mars Phoenix Digging Tweet

MarsPhoenix is now updating about the availability of new photographs and its mission duties. The Twitter also links to the mission's website where you can find photographs, video and detailed information about the Phoenix Mars Lander.

Robert Scoble blogged that Mars didn't make the Techmeme front page but this one-line entry on TechCrunch did make it on Techmeme. Techmeme's algoritihms must not have found many people linking to Mars-related posts over the Memorial Day holiday? Scoble also points to a FriendFeed search that shows lots of Mars updates but the best Mars action has been on Twitter on the MarsPhoenix account.