New Blog Covers Air Travel Complaints

Posted on November 24, 2006

AircomplaneWant to read about the worst travel experiences or bitch about a recent travel nightmare you experienced? Then Aircomplane is the blog for you.
If you have a holiday travel horror story, this is the place to discuss it. Every year during the holiday season, travelers gear up to enjoy some of the worst experiences the airlines have to offer. Yet year after year, nothing ever seems to change. Perhaps it's because they aren't held accountable, or because airline travel is a necessity. But perhaps it's because they just never hear about it! After all, who wants to spend 4 hours on the phone complaining to an airline voice-mail after you just spent 4 hours waiting for your bags?! What a headache. Skip that mess, and instead kick back with a nice glass of eggnog and let the whole wide web community share your pain.
Aircomplane also covers holiday travel. They have posted about some Thanksgiving holiday travel headaches. Aircomplane is now waiting for the travel hurricane to return.
Well, the eye of the travel hurricane is above most of us. We at hope you are all safely where you're supposed to be. The storm returns to shore Sunday when we all begin to return, and we look forward to hearing from you (and helping when we can), then.
Aircomplane was started by two friends: Mike Szimanski and Jeff Boykin. This is a blog the airlines and airports should be paying attention to along with consumers.

Update: Aircomplane is no longer available.