New Blog Seeks Bad Marketing Pitches

Posted on January 23, 2006

Kevin Dugan, author of the Strategic Public Relations blog, and Richard Laermer, CEO of RLM Public Relations, have started a blog called the Bad Pitch Blog. The blog will showcase bad pitches and poorly written press releases.
Welcome to the Bad Pitch blog. We're tired of the public relations industry taking the blame for a minority of its members that pollute communication channels with bad pitches, poorly written news releases and useless phone calls asking "did you get the release?"

So we're outing the guilty parties in full view of the highly-networked blogosphere. It's our hope that the Bad Pitch blog will entertain the true victims of this practice, the PR industry, and it will help the guilty parties improve. Hopefully the blog will someday become obsolete.
The blog's authors really shouldn't have much trouble finding bad pitches or poorly written press releases but if you want to help out you can also email any bad pitches you find or receive to the blog. The Bad Pitch Blog wants good pitches too so they can have a few good examples to go with the bad.

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