New Publisher and Editor Named to Visual Basic Programmer's Journal

Posted on September 8, 1999

Fawcette Technical Publications (FTP) has announced Jeff Hadfield's new position as Publisher of Visual Basic Programmer's Journal (VBPJ) and Exchange & Outlook magazine. At the same time, Patrick Meader has been named Editor of VBPJ. Hadfield has been Editor in Chief of VBPJ for the past two years.

"At VBPJ, our goal is to inform developers of what's coming in the future while giving them the programming solutions for today," Hadfield stated. "As developers move towards multi-tier and multi-client development, VBPJ will keep them up-to-date on proven strategies for building enterprise applications efficiently."

Meanwhile, Patrick Meader has moved from Senior Editor to Editor. "Patrick's an avowed reader advocate," said Hadfield. "Under his direction, VBPJ will continue to deliver just-in-time programming tips and strategies to keep VB developers at the top of their form."

Hadfield will discuss development trends in the Windows market at Visual Basic Insiders' Technical Summit (VBITS) scheduled on September 30 to October 1 in Orlando. In addition, he will be discuss emerging technologies for Microsoft Exchange and Outlook at the Microsoft Exchange Conference in Atlanta on October 4 - 7, 1999 where Exchange & Outlook magazine will premiere. Exchange & Outlook magazine, FTP's newest magazine, features strategies and how-to guidance for IT administrators, managers and developers using Microsoft Exchange and Outlook.

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