New Social Network is Based on Music Preferences

Posted on June 20, 2006

MOG MOG is a new social network that helps people find other people that have similar tastes in music. If you look at some of the random MOG shots on MOG's homepage it shows a photograph of the person and lists a few of their favorite bands. You can learn more about MOG in the faq.
Find Others Like Your Badass Self

Once your page is up, the MOG brain can automatically show you other moggers with a taste in music that most resembles yours. You can even narrow your search criteria and ask, for example, to only see moggers most like you who live near you. Your MOG page is just a few steps away.
MOG profiles include features like Sites I Like, Shows I'm Going To, My Digital Music Collection, Trusted MOGs (friends), MOG Meter and blogging. It's a very hip site that should appeal to young music lovers. Boing Boing writes that MOG was created by David Hyman.
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