New Tom Clancy Novel Packaged With Interactive Game Mini CD

Posted on July 18, 1997

The Berkley Publishing Group today announced that it will release Tom Clancy's new novel, Politika. with an interactive game of the same title from Red Storm Entertainment, Inc. The games company, Red Storm Entertainment, Inc., is a multiple media entertainment venture founded by Clancy and Virtus Corporation, a creator of 3-D multimedia authoring tools. The original, mass market novel will be released on November 9, 1997.

This is the first time a mini CD has been packaged with a mass market book. It opens up a completely new way for a multiple media entertainment company to reach the public through Berkley's distribution.

Politika is set in Russia after the death of President Boris Yeltsin, the same scenario in which the game is played. With no obvious successor, a power vacuum is left and the major factions within the country struggle for control.

David Shanks, president of The Berkley Publishing Group, said, "As Tom Clancy's longtime publisher, we are very excited to extend our relationship with this new and innovative multi media venture."

Tom Clancy, founder and chairman of Red Storm Entertainment, Inc., said, "The release of my book Politika and the Politika game in one package gives you the opportunity as a reader to enter the intrigue and realism of my latest novel, and as a gameplayer to enjoy a new art form in interactive storytelling as you develop your own plotlines and outcomes."

While the Politika book and game share a common theme revolving around Russia after the death of President Yeltsin, Red Storm Entertainment, Inc. developed the game as a separate entertainment vehicle which can be enjoyed entirely on its own or in conjunction with the book.

"This is a new day in the entertainment industry," said Doug Littlejohns, president and chief executive officer of Red Storm Entertainment, Inc., "and Red Storm Entertainment is delighted to be working with Berkley to offer the best in multiple media entertainment to people of all ages. Offering Tom Clancy's Politika game and book in a single package marks the first time in history that readers can immerse themselves in an exciting new novel by the world's top fiction author, and also have the fun of playing out their own stories by enjoying the most significant breakthrough in interactive, conversational gameplaying."