New Website Features White House Scandal Cartoons By Top Cartoonists

Posted on January 27, 1998

The site, White House Sex Scandal by All the Top Editorial Cartoonists, is updated daily with the newest scandal cartoons from scores of award winning cartoonists such as Pulitzer Prize winners Jim Borgman, Mike Peters, and Signe Wilkinson. The web site has suddenly become wildly popular.

"We've posted many more scandal cartoons on our site than you can see anywhere else on the web," said Daryl Cagle, a Hawaiian editorial cartoonist who put together the scandal site as part of a massive web site called The Professional Cartoonists Index. Cagle regularly posts the updating work of more than sixty top cartoonists. All the cartoons are presented with the permission of the cartoonists.

The cartoons are genuinely funny and insightful. "Editorial cartoonists are pack animals," according to Cagle, "they all attack the same subject at the same time. We're posting new sex scandal cartoons as fast as we can. It looks like the cartoonists are having a great time with this."

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