New York Times Launches Blog Covering Online Video

Posted on June 26, 2006

ScreensThe New York Times has launched a new blog covering web video and media convergence called Screens. Screens is written by Times television critic Virginia Heffernan. In one of her first posts, Heffernan discusses Revver, a competitor and analyzes some of the videos there.

We think the Times did a pretty good job of cramming all the video buzzwords (or keywords) they could into their description of Screens. They mention buzzwords like viral video, vlogs and webisodes. However, they did leave out "video sharing."

Screen makes a total of sixteen blogs for the New York Times but don't expect to be able to read them all unless you are a Times Select member. Seven of the New York Times' sixteen blogs are locked behind the Times Select fee-based subscription wall.

Update: The Screens blog link now forwards to a New York Times' blog called The Medium.

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