New York Times Launches Travel Blog

Posted on December 10, 2007

Jet LaggedThe New York Times has launched a new travel blog called Jet Lagged. In the blog's first post called "The Golden Age of Flying?" Pico Iyer argues that air travel is good today despite the staggering number of complaints and the tons of luggage that has been lost.
I wonder if that is what makes us so fussy and impatient when it comes to the rare occasion - such as getting on a plane - when we have to leave the controls to someone else and are at the mercy of forces (other humans) who haven't been bookmarked in advance.

This holiday season we're going to hear endless stories of travel nightmares from our families, friends and the press. So I'll start with a contrarian statement: Air travel is in fact as comfortable and reasonable today as it's ever been.
Is this considered link bait in the travel blog industry? The blog post certainly doesn't mesh with the blog's frowny face logo. As far as travel comfort goes it probably depends on where you sit on the plane. First class might be as nice as ever but those stuck in the cheap seats certainly have a right to complain. There's also those travel restrictions that don't seem to follow logic. Lighters are okay but don't bring your own bottled water - that's just too dangerous.

Jaunted welcomes Jet Lagged by calling them late to the party. Arrive at the airport this late New York Times and you will miss your flight.
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