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Christian Science Monitor to Cease Daily Print Edition (November 8, 2008): The Christian Science Monitor will be ending its 100-year-old daily print newspaper in April, 2009.

Tribune Co. Gives Two-Year Drop Notice to the Associated Press (October 16, 2008): Editor & Publisher reports that the Tribune Co.

New York Times to Shutter Site (October 11, 2008): Forbes.

USA Today Adds Tag-like Topics (October 9, 2008): USA Today has launched nearly 200,000 online topics pages on its website usatoday.

New York Sun Ceases Publication (October 2, 2008): USA Today reports that the New York Sun will be ceasing publication.

Wall Street Journal and New York Post Newspapers Launching Magazines (September 19, 2007): Rupert Murdoch wants to add a couple magazines to his sprawling media empire.

Weekly World News Closing (August 3, 2007): The Weekly World News - famous for its methodically researched stories about Bat Boy and Elvis sightings - is coming to an end.

Study Finds Young Adults Not Following the News (July 16, 2007): The New York Times reports that a new study has found that today's teens and young adults are not keeping up with the news.

Blog Launched to Help Departing SF Chronicle Employees (June 8, 2007): Recently, the San Francisco Chronicle announced plans to cut 100 editorial positions -- about 1/4 of the newspaper's editorial staff -- by summer's end.

Would You Pay to Subscribe to a Blog? (March 5, 2007): Will a blogging subscription model emerge in the future? Are there enough readers willing to pay for a blog.

World's Oldest Newspaper Dumps Print Version (February 14, 2007): The Associated Press reports that Sweden's Post-och Inrikes Tidningar -- the world's oldest newspaper -- has now dumped its print edition and gone digital only.

New York Times To Post User-Generated Videos (February 7, 2007): The Red Herring is reporting that the New York Times plans to start posting videos created and submitted by users in March.

Will New York Times Still Have a Print Edition Five Years From Now? (February 7, 2007): Will the New York Times still have a print edition five years from today? It is an interesting question given the rapid rise of the Internet and digital technology.

Yahoo Announces Partnership With 150+ Newspapers (January 4, 2007): Yahoo has announced a partnership with over 150 U.

Top Circulation Newspapers (November 3, 2006): The New York Post is proud of its circulation numbers and they should be as they are now the 5th highest circulation newspaper in the country -- ahead of the New York Daily News and the Washington Post.

Newspaper Website Readership Jumps 31% (October 4, 2006): Reuters reports on a new NAA study that found online newspaper readership jumped 31% in the first half of 2006 Online newspaper readership should continue to climb as people abandon print newspapers for the Internet.

Winston-Salem Journal Launches Vegetarian Blog (September 21, 2006): JournalNow.

College Students Read College Newspapers (August 7, 2006): Readership of print daily newspapers has fallen over the past year's for the college-aged demographic.

Gladwell Calls Blogs Parasites That Feed on Newspapers (June 28, 2006): Blogebrity has found a statement from Blink author and blogger Malcolm Gladwell that is highly critical of bloggers.

CSMonitor Extends Free Archives Back to 1980 (June 23, 2006): The Christian Science Monitor recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary of their website: csmonitor.