O. Media Launches Women's Financial Website

Posted on November 1, 1999

O. Media, Inc. has announced the launch of ShesGotMoney.com, a women focused interactive financial community. ShesGotMoney.com, which is an extension of the ShesGotItTogether.com Women's Online Network, gives women financial and investment strategies and interactive tools. ShesGotMoney.com will also feature the ShesGotMoney Analyst Center, which will allow women to ask a team of investment professionals questions regarding their finances. Additionally, ShesGotMoney.com has entered into a two year agreement with Market Guide, Inc. to feature an array of Market Guide's online content.

Jayne Newell-Lanza, Chairperson of O. Media, Inc. and founder of the ShesGotItTogether.com Women's Online Network, stated, "Unlike other financial information websites, such as MarketWatch.com, Hoovers.com and TheStreet.com, ShesGotMoney.com focuses its content towards the woman investor. We believe that by providing financial information from the Market Guide's vast databases, ShesGotMoney.com will be the leading source of comprehensive fundamental financial information for the female Internet audience. Our goal is to empower women investors, by providing them with the tools and information they need to make educated and successful financial decisions. By joining with the premier provider of financial information, ShesGotItTogether.com Women's Online Network is setting a presence over the other women's websites by the launching of ShesGotMoney.com."