OpenMind and Seven Bridges Press Form Alliance

Posted on September 5, 2001

OpenMind Publishing Group, a collaborative publishing service, and Seven Bridges Press LLC/Chatham House Publishers, an employee-owned publishing house, announced a strategic alliance. Starting this fall, the alliance will allow professors to draw on Seven Bridges Press/Chatham House Publishers's 80+ academic titles as they use the OpenMind system to create customized, multimedia ``CourseBooks.'' These custom texts are then sold to the professor's students as either an online publication or a downloadable file (with alternative print and CD-ROM versions) at a cost of about one-third the price of the average textbook.

``We have been incredibly gratified to see how professors and students alike have embraced our alternative publishing model,'' said Paul Elliot, CEO of OpenMind Publishing Group. ``Now that the model is proven, it is time to dramatically increase our content offerings. Seven Bridges Press is the perfect partner to help us accomplish this goal. Not only do they have top-quality titles, but the modular nature of their books lends itself well to customization and electronic delivery.''

``OpenMind will serve as our primary direct sales arm within the United States,'' said Ted L. Bolen, Managing Partner for Seven Bridges Press/Chatham House Publishers. ``They are focused on all the right things: delivering high-quality course materials to students that are relevant and meaningful because they have been personalized for them by their professors and yet, at the same time, using Web-based technologies to keep costs down so they won't break a student's budget.''

Through the terms of the agreement, Seven Bridges Press/Chatham House Publishers will integrate its college textbooks such as Hudson's Democracy in Peril, 3e and Ivanhoe's Readings in Classical Chinese Philosophy, scholarly monographs such as Pomper's The Election 2000 and Schumaker and Loomis's Choosing a President, and other professional books in three key academic disciplines: philosophy, political science and religious studies into the OpenMind system. As well, professors will be able to purchase titles from Seven Bridges Press directly from OpenMind as bound books. The companies have agreed to co-market the titles at industry events and through joint promotions as appropriate to help drive sales.