Blogathon Bloggers Prepare to Write 48 Posts in 24 Hours

Posted on July 28, 2006

Blogathon 2006Blogathon 2006 is about to begin. The Blogathon site says there are over 370 blogs blogging for various charities in the 2006 Blogathon. Participating bloggers will be blogging once every 30 minutes for 24 hours to raise money for the charity they are blogging for. You can sponsor one of the participating bloggers. Lorelle says over $65,732.67 has been pledged for worthy charities so far. Blogging begins at 0600 Pacific Time, on July 29.

From the Blogathon FAQ we found helpful advice for bloggers looking to stay awake for 24-hours straight.
  • Quick, cold showers.
  • Chatting online with other Blogathon participants.
  • Dancing! Dancing, singing and general moving help keep you awake in the late hours of the event.
  • Watch movies, television, play computer games or board games or anything that will engage your attention. Plus, you'll have something to write about.
  • Have a themed blog! If you're busy writing about the history of the yam or making a collage for your sponsors, you'll have a goal to sustain you through the event.
  • The FAQ also says not to consume alcohol, which is good advice. There are also some great tips available from Lorelle on WordPress for getting through the Blogathon. Bloggers are busy preparing to write 48 posts in 24 hours. Some are also resting up.

    Navin Sigmany says, "The past few days, I've been thinking of stuff to write about, though I've not actually jotted down any points. After thinking long and hard about it I decided not to tie myself up by giving my first Blogathon attempt any theme. Instead, I thought I'd write as many different things as possible - hopefully, I wont be snoring away after the first six hours!"

    Debi at The Ice Palace says, "Can you FEEL the sleep deprivation in the air? I can! I am going to the store tomorrow to stock up on snacks, and lots and lots of highly caffeinated beverages."

    There are awards given at the end of each Blogathon.