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Trump Blocked Twitter CEO from Tech Meeting Over Crooked Hillary Emoji

Donald Trump and his team reportedly blocked Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey from its tech meeting in Trump Tower over a failed emoji deal. Read more... December 14, 2016

Instagram Live Video Rolling Out to U.S. Users

Instagram Live Video is being rolled out to U.S. users this week. The feature competes with Snapchat. Read more... December 12, 2016

Microsoft and LinkedIn Close Merger Agreement and Reveal Joint Plans

Microsoft and LinkedIn close the merger agreement and have revealed their joint plans going forward. Read more... December 12, 2016

Self Magazine to End Print Edition

Self Magazine has announced plans to end its print edition. The website will continue. Read more... December 2, 2016

FabUplus is a New Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Magazine

FabUplus Magazine is a new quarterly health, fitness and lifestyle magazine. It showcases the plus size community. Read more... September 24, 2016

Univision to Buy Gawker Media for $135 Million

Gawker is being sold to Univision for $135 million. Univision outbid Ziff Davis for the blog network. Read more... August 16, 2016

Time Magazine Runs Trump Meltdown Cover

Time magazine has a cover illustrating a Donald Trump meltdown. Read more... August 12, 2016

Mobile Mogul Kim Kardashian Talks Feminism at BlogHer Conference

Mobile mogul Kim Kardashian talked about feminism at the BlogHer conference in Los Angeles. Read more... August 6, 2016

Verizon on Verge of Acquiring Yahoo

Verizon appears to be on the verge of acquiring Yahoo. The deal could be announced next week. Read more... July 22, 2016

Microsoft to Acquire LinkedIn in $26 Billion Deal

Microsoft is acquiring LinkedIn in a deal valued at $26.2 billion. Read more... June 13, 2016

Tribune Publishing Changes Name to Tronc

Tribune Publishing changes its name to Tronc. The ticker symbol will also change to TRNC Read more... June 2, 2016

Time Inc. Confirms Myspace Passwords Compromised in Security Breach

Time Inc. has confirmed Myspace suffered a hacking incident and Myspace passwords were compromised. Read more... May 31, 2016

Twitter to Give Users More Room for Text in a Tweet

Twitter will allow users to enter more text into a tweet by excluding usernames in replies and media attachments. Read more... May 24, 2016

Snapchat Raises Another $200 Million for $20 Billion Valuation

Snapchat has reportedly raised another $200 million giving the chat social network a $20 billion valuation. Read more... May 23, 2016

Scripps Buys Cracked for $39 Million

Scripps has acquired the humor brand Cracks. Cracked runs a website, apps and a podcast and creates original video. Read more... May 17, 2016

NBCUniversal to Acquire DreamWorks Animation

NBCUniversal has announced plans to acquire DreamWorks Animation. The deal is expected to close by the end of 2016. Read more... May 14, 2016

Instagram Unveils New Logo and App Design

Instagram has unveiled a new look for its logo and its popular photo sharing app. Read more... May 11, 2016

Australian Entrepreneur Craig Wright Claims He Created Bitcoin

Australian entrepreneur Craig Steven Wright claims he is the person behind Bitcoin. Some are disputing his claim. Read more... May 2, 2016

Facebook Reportedly Developing a New Camera App

Facebook is reportedly developing a new camera app. It will open directly to a camera. Read more... April 26, 2016

The Verge Launches Gadget Blog Called Circuit Breaker

The Verge has launched a new gadget blog called Circut Breaker. It is billed as the world's best. Read more... April 25, 2016

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