Political Losers of the Week: George Bush and Mitt Romney

Posted on June 30, 2007

The two big political losers of the week are 1) President Bush and 2) Mitt Romney.

Despite frantic arm-twisting by the president, the disgraceful amnesty bill went down in flames on the Senate floor. Derided by both conservatives (for giving amnesty to illegals ahead of legal immigrants) and progressives (for creating a slave underclass of temporary workers who aren't even entitled to minimum wage) alike, the bill contained the worst ideas from the left and the right. Good riddance.

The bill's defeat was a terrible embarrassment for President Bush and showed how lame a duck he's become.

The second biggest political loser of the week was Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who admitted that he strapped the family's Irish setter Seamus to the top of the car for 12 hours on the road. The dog was so terrified he had diarrhea , which the kids noticed. So did Romney take pity on the suffering animal? No, he pulled the car over, hosed off the dog and the carrier, strapped him back on the roof and continued the trip. He still doesn't even see what he did wrong.

I know - let's strap Mitt Romney to the top of Michael Moore's tour bus and let him tour America that way: 12 hours at a time. We can always just hose him off if he gets messy.

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