Postage Rate Hike Expected

Posted on February 27, 2007

The U.S. Postal Service has received approval from the Postal Rate Commission to increase postage rates by 2 cents to 41 cents for a first class stamp. This approval comes despite the fact that rates just increased in January, 2006. They may also implement a "forever stamp" that consumers would be allowed to buy and use anytime in the future without any additional postage even if the price of stamps increases in the future. The earliest date this new rates can be implemented in May of this year.

MediaWeek reports that postal rates for periodicals may also spike.
Postal rates for periodicals would increase 11.8 percent on average, if the Postal Service accepts the recommendation of the Postal Regulatory Commission announced Feb. 26. The commission also called for an average rate hike of 7.6 percent.

In its announcement, the commission said that, drawing from recommendations from the Postal Service and Time Inc., magazines that adopt more efficient mailing procedures would pay smaller rate hikes under the recommended periodicals rate structure.
Just what freelancers and the magazine industry need -- extra expenses.

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